Mar 20 - Apr 05, 2020

According to the best guesses as to the ultimate fate of the universe, all matter and space-time will eventually collapse into a dimensionless singularity, to something like the state in which the universe began with the Big Bang. In addition at this time, humanity and the technology we have spawned will cease to exist as separate. Under this circumstance, Paris, as the last stop of ‘The Tenth Dimension’, can also be the end, and the start. Now there is only infinitely passionate reality.

M.A.R.S. Paris Co-Artistic Directors:

  Benoît Bénichou

  Yury Revich


Mixing experimental visual art, theater,

performance, and concert into a show that defies a new label. Pioneers a new form with:

• Live Concerts 

• Advanced Technology

• 3D Video Mapping Projections

• Interactive Projections

• Light Projections

A new interpretation of Dante’s Divine Comedy

More coming soon…

M.A.R.S. Paris 2020