M.A.R.S. Management & Production is a second department under Studio M.A.R.S. which is to offer several services related to production, procurement, consulting and more to young artists and designers, creative entrepreneurs, galleries and institutions.

Through its professional team and suppliers, it is able to make a productive and creating dialogue among the art community operating following high standards of projects.


  • Pitching
  • Opportunities Scouting
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Project planning and execution starting from schematic design through conceptual points of views according to the concept of the project.
  • Site supervision: detailed planning with materials specifications. Develop complete design that will include floor plans, elevators, graphic images and 3D renderings etc.
  • Procurement: contacting and selecting suppliers for quotations related to the project’s budget.
  • Coordinating with artists and curators following the concept of the project according to budget, timeline, type of space, materials etc.
  • Supervising all the activities on site and coordinating with the suppliers to regularly provide feedback on the progress of the project so as to ensure that the exhibition is completed within the scheduled time effectually and efficiently.
  • Documentation of the whole process.
  • Shipment of artworks: contacting shipping companies specializing in the shipment of artworks, obtaining quotations, following the shipping process 
  • Dismantling exhibition: supervision of the disassembly operation providing documentation of the related dismantle report.