Victor Wilde

Fashion Performance Artist

Victor Wilde, a true artist whose edgy, omnivorous style was forged in the streets of Brooklyn through a practice of public performance art and experimental video that lead to the founding of his signature post-punk fashion and lifestyle label Bohemian Society, established in Downtown LA in 2003.

Victor Wilde’s interactive fashion performances have headlined at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, LA Weekly’s Artopia and the OC Center for Contemporary Art.

Victor’s Bohemian Society boasts an emerging staple of international progressive fashion and an increasing presence in the visual art and avant-garde theatre scenes. Bohemian Society has presented runway shows from Tokyo to Los Angeles with additional art installations in Berlin, and has appeared on the glossy pages of Vogue Hommes Japan, WWD, Rolling Stone, and many others. Bohemian Society has been worn by numerous celebrities including Alan Cumming, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and Janet Jackson.