THISPLAY is an interdisciplinary design studio, positioned in the field between technology, design and art. The range comprises artistic and technical concepts, implementation and production of innovative presentation systems.Using large and interactive projections THISPLAY elevates the digital communication to a new level on which the viewers become the actors.

The combination of new technologies, an artistic approach, and high-quality design revolutionises the way how our clients reach their target audience and allows them to transport their content into a contemporary and modern visual format.

From interior and interaction design up to the detailed technical planning, THISPLAY designs exhibitions as a complete concept. Virtual and augmented reality supports contemporary exhibition design; integration and processing real time data is THISPLAY’s daily business.

Besides the project-based business, THISPLAY has developed two scalable products: TP.Window and TP.Mirror. These are at the moment in the testing phase at pilot-clients.First orders have already been booked.

Corresponding to the announcement of the MARS festival coordinators and the sponsor PEPSI COLA there will be a China-tour of the IMMERSIVE ROOM exhibition starting in early 2019 with the TP.Room interactive installations. The reproduction of the music festival MARS will be taking place end of 2019 with the TP.Room installations.Preliminary talks with festival trustees in Berlin, Cologne and Stuttgart show a substantial interest in TP.Room for the forthcoming Beethoven year with the idea of an interactive Orchestra.

THISPLAY invites you to experience the magic of interactive design Create fantastic spaces, build virtual worlds, compose aesthetic images – 3D and interactive.


Our interdisciplinary team of developers, interaction designers and designers creates complete solutions for our clients from a single source. Regardless of the time and space of the presentation.

Through our careful planning and clear communication, we can reduce our clients effort and offer a central point of contact for all concerns. Emanuel Andel


Graduation: University of applied Arts | Vienna | Austria, Visual Media Design | Digital Arts (2007)

CEO, artistic director…

Mag.phil. Irina Ulrike Andel

Graduation: University of Vienna | Austria, Cultural and Social Anthropology (2010) Competences: Project Management, Patent, Funding, Research, Controlling, HR. Achim Stromberger

Graduation: University of applied Arts | Vienna | Austria, Digital Arts (2016) Competences: User Experience Design, Graphic Design, Photogrammetry, Physical Computing, Motion Design, Unity, 3D Modelling & Rigging, Elektronics.

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Hackl

Graduation: FH St. Pölten | Austria, Digital Media (2016)

Competences: Real Time Data Visualisation, Interaction Design, Video Production & Cut, VVVV, Databases, Social Media.

Michael Hufnagl

Marketing, Sales, Initiation of business

A&R Head of Marketing/Edition Musica = Winner of the Platinum Record for Jazz Gitti Release. Campaign for OPUS “Live is Life” and Disney “The Beauty and the Beast”/Austria. Co-Founder of GLOBAL 2000 – meanwhile Austria’s biggest ecology group.