M.A.R.S. Genesis

April 15, 2017
at 5:00 pm

It is fair to say that in their respective times the master composer Richard Wagner with his idea of an operatic musical spectacle as Gesamtkunstwerk (total artwork), and the renowned film theorist André Bazin with his idea of total cinema – the notion that the ultimate art form of cinema has yet to be invented as the development of technology allows it to become a true reproduction of reality – were both visionaries with their gaze set on the horizon of the future. But they could never have been aware of how the future could bring their seemingly disparate concepts innately together in one artistic event, and they could never have been aware that this future is now.

Music is of all arts the most spiritual, intimate and unconscious. New visual technologies allow us to complete the sensorial experience bringing a new way to dive into the music, to feel immersed in it like an amniotic cave where we get lost and found in the music. Through the latest techniques of video mapping, projection and interactive video, the audience will be transported through a hypnotic river into the subliminal, from the sheer darkness to a total experience. Interactive lighting design, shapes, and sounds across creation from nothingness to LIFE.  No experience will be repeated, like in Heraclitus waters, no one’s path will be the same. 4 platforms – 4 different experiences of immersive video and sound reoccurring throughout the day. Stay tuned for the exact times.

Venue: ArtShare L.A.
801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(Free parking available for M.A.R.S. guests)

Movement 1: Salvatore Sciarrino: Esplorazione del bianco II

Movement 2: Ashley Fure: Soma

Movement 3: Stefan Prins: Fremdkörper #1

Movement 4: Alexander Schubert: Sensate Focus

Regular: $30
Student: $10